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Tours of India by days/duration

India Tours offers you a wide array of options to explore India’s demographic diversity. Each state of India is rich in culture, history, natural beauty and each one varies from the other in its unique way. India is a vivid platform of unique places with an immense variety in climate, altitude, lifestyle, food, dressing, and people.

It is undoubtedly one of the very few countries in the world that has the extreme altitudes – Kangchenjunga contrasting Kuttanad and extreme temperatures - Palodhi contrasting Drass. All these make the country a tempting one to go on vacation every few months.

We offer the travel freaks with several options of packaged tours that range in duration and budget. Go for a short trip if you can squeeze out your weekend, and opt for a longer one during summer and winter vacations.

The choice is all yours – and the tour circuit arrangement is ours.

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4 Days India Tours Package A much-needed break

A little break is needed in a while to rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. Moreover, it enhances the person’s productivity not only in terms of work but also improves the mental health of a person. If you think you cannot have fun in 3-4 days, you might be mistaken as India-Tours has a wide range of tour packages, which allow you to make the most of your vacations and that too within 3-4 days only.

5 Days India Tours Package 👉 A chunk of happiness

Travel is much needed for better productivity in all the areas because it rejuvenates your soul which gets tired by working continuously over time. But what acts as a major obstacle while planning a tour is the duration. India Tours offers you ample no. of options to choose from. Solely in the period of 5 days, you can enjoy adventure activities at Rishikesh, seek spirituality in Madhya Pradesh or pamper yourself in the scenic atmosphere of Kerala.

6 Days Tours of India 👉 A necessary break

Put up with the best of culture and history of India in the duration of 6 days. This segment can be suitable for everyone ranging from the foodies to religious hearted and from nature enthusiasts to history buffs. The Golden Triangle circuit covers the 3 major tourist spots of India while one gets an additional benefit of experiencing the culinary culture with Golden Triangle Culinary Tour. If you have taken vows recently with your better half, it’s time to enjoy for a week more. North East India will be a haven for you and your partner.

7 Days Trip To India 👉 A rainbow of experiences

Refrain yourself from the tedious schedules for a week and make the best of your India Tour. These packaged tours can be really pocket-friendly for you. We have created these packages keeping in consideration the tastes of all. Numerous options are at your disposal to make choice. Either you can choose to acquaint yourself to the elegant beauty of valley of flowers or you can go for train tour which will let you know the hotspots of Golden Triangle.

8 Days Trip to India 👉 Luxury of heritage, flora and fauna

Get ready to explore each and every nook of India in the stretch of 8 days. In these tours, multiple variations can be encountered. If you are someone willing to taste the different types of wines, you must undertake Wine Tasting Tour but if you are excited to spot the Indian wildlife in its natural habitat, choose the Golden Triangle with tiger safari. Get to know the cultural and colorful land of Rajasthan with fairs and festivals.

9 days trip to India 👉 A cultural journey

Due to being a diversified country, India is really vast in terms of places, people, cuisines, etc. But if you are short of time, 9 days can be enough to give you hint of the India’s valuable possessions. Seek solace in Yoga at Haridwar. Experience the royal hospitality extended by Rajasthan. Admire the architectural wonders of South India. Gujarat can be your choice if you wish to have everything in your tour. Behold the sight of nature’s best in North East India.

10 days travel package to India 👉 An amazing reality

While planning India Tour, make sure you have minimal time of 10 days. India can offer you with its very best over the extent of 10 days. Luxuriate in the royalty of Rajasthan. Dive into the spirituality together with yoga at Kerala. Explore the unlikeness of the Nagaland Hornbill Festival in Kohima. Camel Safari must not be missed in the state of deserts, Rajasthan. Besides this, Rajasthan is brimful of forts, palaces and other monuments of historical significance.

11 days holiday package in India 👉 India’s best

If you can extend your holiday up to 11 days, you can also cover the neighboring countries of India like Nepal and Sri Lanka. With the 11 days holiday packages, the distinctiveness of Indian states can also be understood. Experience Mountain Biking in Leh and Ladakh or you may be interested in viewing the varied wildlife inhabited in India. In the meantime of 11 days, heritage of the West India can also be probed.

12 days trip to India 👉 Dazzling colors of India

All shades of India can be gazed at in the duration of 12 days. Be a guest at the world famous Kumbh Mela together with the tour to Golden Triangle. Get lost in the most beautiful region of India- North East India. Additionally, you can have a look at the major attractions in neighboring countries of India like Bhutan, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Seek pleasure in the conglomeration of the cultures in Central India.

13 days holiday trip to India 👉 Excursion of colorful India

Familiarize yourself with the centuries old culture of India. Different forms of art and crafts, various structures of historical significance can be discovered on the Indian land. We have designed the packages so that they cater to all your needs and wants, combined with display of Indian beauty in its most original form. Get the localized experience by travelling in train while admiring the verdant surroundings of South India. If you wish to see the spectrum of colors, Rajasthan must be your stop as this land hosts several fairs and festivals which are accomplished with culture, tradition, festivities and colors. To gawk at the intricately carved out structures in the form of ancient temples, pay a visit to the Orissa.

14 days holiday trip to India 👉 Contrasting shades of India

Get your holiday package customized as per your requirements and take maximum benefit of your India Tour. Take delight in the lush green vicinity of Southern India or delve into the colorful land of kings, Rajasthan. The variety of flora and fauna found in the national parks and sanctuaries of India may astonish you. India has the largest railway network. So, it is advisable to travel once in train for sure during your India Tour. Taking train tour facilitates you to interact with the local folks as well as gives you better insight into their culture.

15 days holiday trip to India 👉 Distinction at its best

Together with the varied culture and rich heritage, India is abode to exotic beaches and the captivating sceneries of the world. Therefore, it becomes the most desirable spot for the photographers. The best shots can be taken in the colorful state of Rajasthan. If you think that Indian beaches are not as happening as the European ones, you may be disappointed after visiting the tropical beaches in South India. There you can seek tranquility in the lap of nature while enjoying with your near and dear ones. India is abundant with stories, may it be related to the forts and palaces or may it be pertinent to the caves and temples. Get along with the splendor and majestic architecture of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

16 days holiday trip to India 👉 A reinvigorating blow

As Rajasthan is the largest state of India, one can never get enough of it in the span of few days. Therefore, if you are taking a long break of 16 days, your itinerary must include the major attractions of Rajasthan. It will allow you to grab the maximum enlightenment about the state and its vast history. During your visit to the colorful state Rajasthan, you can also enjoy the hospitality extended by the warm locals. Not only Rajasthan, but South India is also profuse with culture and architecture. It is the land of many classical art forms and hosts many events for the enjoyment of the tourists. Moreover, South India houses natural beauty in form of beaches and lakes, which can be eyeballing sight for the visitors.

17 days India trip 👉 Reap the maximum benefit

You must have heard a lot about the Indian beauty and imagined to behold its sight with your naked eyes one day. It’s high time now to fulfill all your desires with the 17 days tour packages offered by India Tours. Take a trip to South India during which you can cover all- the fun of beach life, sanctity of the ancient temples and the verdure of the forests. In case you already had enough of South India, head towards the North India. Travel across all the major cities of India like Amritsar, Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, etc. One can also take a dig into the beautiful city of Jammu. In this city, one can pay a visit to the Vaishno Devi Temple and enjoy the scenic view of beautiful meadow of flowers at Srinagar.

18 days vacation trip in India 👉 A splendid journeys

If you have been to India earlier, you may have been bored of visiting the same places. So this time we have added the destinations of Cambodia and Vietnam for your joy in our tour packages. Take a voyage in the luxurious world class trains of India to explore the diversified Rajasthan or South India. You can also opt for the naturally blessed nations of Cambodia and Vietnam. Seek pleasure in the erotic aura of the Perfume River.

19 days vacation trip in India 👉 Soak yourself in the picturesque rajasthan

Haven’t you been able to visit all the major tourist spots of Rajasthan? Don’t worry- we’ve compiled the best of Rajasthan in our tours so that you can enjoy the hassle free trip without any kind of trouble. In the time span of 19 days, you can explore the most sought after destinations of Rajasthan like Bikaner, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, etc. Besides, you can also visit the other noteworthy sites of India such as Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi, Varanasi, Khajuraho, etc.

21 days holiday package in India 👉 Grab threefold of bliss

Cover all of the most visited cities of India in the period of 21 days. India Tours aims at making your journey completely enjoyable and memorable with its world class services in every part of the country. With these tours, you can also tour around the nooks of Kathmandu. Thrive in the bustle of dream city Mumbai where you can shop endlessly in the busy yet lively markets. Gaze at the mystifying charm of the Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

22 days holiday package in India 👉 An embellished journey

If you are in mood for a long break from your tiresome schedule, India Tours is at your disposal to provide you with the most cherishable experience of your life with its exciting tour packages. South India can be a perfect choice for you if you wish to see the blend of splendid architecture, exotic beaches and vast history. If you are a person with your interests lying in spirituality, South India also owns some of the famous churches and temples. The desert state of India extends the warmest hospitality to its guests along with the best of architecture and culture. Drench your souls in the diversity of India with scenic beauty and changing landscapes throughout the year.

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