Payment Option


You can pay by secured online payment gateway by credit card, through bank transfer or by offline payment mode by credit card.
If you are paying by online payment gateway then 4% additional bank charges are applicable. In case of offline credit card payment, 3% bank charges are applicable. In case of bank transfer your bank will advise you the transfer charges applicable for their and intermediary bank. Kindly click this link for the payments methods.
For any booking, we need a deposit and the balance will be collected on your arrival. If you are traveling during peak dates like Christmas, New Year, or any festivals, full payments will be needed in advance.
It is not compulsory to pay full advance payment, but that totally depends upon case to case basis. If the guests are making last minute bookings and their travel dates lies within 30 days then we prefer taking 100% payment in advance.
If our guests are travelling in the peak seasons(November to February), than we do need 75% of the payment in advance. However for guests traveling in other months, an advance payment of 50% is more than enough. The remaining payment is collected after your arrival in India.

1. Online Payment (There will be an additional charge of 4 %)

2. Bank Cheque

  • The cheque in favour of Services International Ltd should reach us at least three months in advance.
  • Services International Ltd.,
  • 25/8, Guru house Old Rajinder Nagar,
  • New Delhi 110060,India.

3. Bank Transfer

  • Bank Name : Standard Chartered Bank
  • Address : 1st Floor, Express Building, 9-10, Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, New Delhi-110 002.
  • US$ Account number: 520-0-501721-8
  • Swift Code- SCBLINBBXXX
  • EURO Account number: 520-0-502282-3
  • Swift Code- SCBLINBBXXX
  • CAD and Other Currency Account number: 520-0-500522-8
  • Swift Code-SCBLINBBXXX

4. Credit Cards - American Express (There will be an additional charge of 3 %)


I ___________________________ (Cardmember Name) Hereby authorize

_________________________(Merchant Name) to charge my American Express Card an amount of Rs.__________________ for the Servies rendered.

Card number:

Card expiry date: __ __ / __ __ __ __ [MM/YYYY]

Billing address _____________________________________________________________________________



City ___________________________________ Pin Code: _______________

Telephone: ( )____________________________ Mobile: ________________________

I understand that the Record of charges in respect of Services Recieved / Availed by me, submitted by Merchant Establishment as mentioned below to American Express Banking Corp. will neither bear my signature nor the imprint of the Card and I therefore undertake to unconditionally honor and pay without any demur and contentions, the charges as and when I am billed for the same by American Express Banking Corp.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,

(Signature as it appears on the American Express Card)

Name: ;________________________________________________________________

To be filled by Merchant Establishment

Merchant number __________________________________________

Merchant name ____________________________________________

Fax Number ____________________________________________

Contact Number ____________________________________________

Contact Person ____________________________________________

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Credit cards - Visa or Mastercard (There will be an additional charge of 3%)


Services International LTD
25/8 Old Rajinder Nagar
New Delhi 110060, India,

I hereby authorize Services International LTD to debit my Credit Card Account, details of which are:

Visa Card / Master Card (kindly tick the appropriate card type)

Name of the Cardholder : __________________________________________

Credit Card No : ___________________________________________________

Expiry Date :______/______ (MM/YY) (Should be valid for at least 6 months)

Amount : ____________

Issued by :_____________________________________ (Name of the issuing bank)

Complete Address :_________________________________________________________________________


Contact No: ____________________________________

I understand that all payments for services rendered/to be rendered are to be charged to my Credit card account and I undertake to unconditionally honor and pay the said charges as and when I am billed for the same by the aforementioned bank.

I agree to inform Services International LTD in writing about the alternative payment option in the event that the above card is cancelled, substituted, or not renewed.

Signature of the Cardholder (As appearing on the Credit Card): _________________________________________________

Place : _____________________________

Date : ______________________________

Encl: Photocopy of the front & back side of the credit card duly signed by me

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